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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Secret Wish - Granted

 I know I planned to write a post about my spruced-up patio once the flowers filled in. Looks like I'll get a whole new patio to share! Last night our neighbor, who owns our house, asked us to move the car from the front door so they could work on the patio. At 8:00 this morning, jackhammers knocked us all out of bed, dump trucks arrived, bobcats started digging. It's been a non-stop construction circus ever since, and we have front-row seats. The kids are spell-bound. Way better than TV! Benjamin, especially, is in heaven. He has re-confirmed his plans to be a builder.

The funny thing is, I have hated the surface of our patio. It's like blacktop that's been painted, so little rocks are always breaking off and even a few potholes have developed. Going barefoot is painful, which you don't want on your patio, you know? But the area is so nice, I didn't complain. I just spent lots of time fantasizing about how we could resurface it. I am jumping for joy this morning! It's going to be concrete! It's so nice when something you didn't even really hope for actually happens.

Here is a "before" photo that shows the surface:

Here's what's going on today:

(Side note: those are some hardworking dudes out there. They are doing an amazing job!)

I'm told the work will be complete by tomorrow. I can't wait to take pictures of the finished product!

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  1. What a wonderful surprise!! Can't wait to see the finished project in person!