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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bear With Me?

I am sorry that I've been out of the groove here for so long. My camera refuses to upload pictures and I am so depressed about it that I can't blog!

OK, kidding, sort of. We are moving, starting a business, and sorting out a host of other life challenges right now, so I am not as "present" anywhere as I'd like to be.

But I'm popping in here to dust off the cobwebs and do some housekeeping, so I can get back in business. Hope you are all having a lovely Fall!! See you all soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Doin's

Dog days are getting nearer - what a scorcher this week! I have to say my camera has been on vacation lately, but I have a few shots from June that I can share. I so dislike posting without pictures!

In early June we traveled to Lexington to meet the newest cousins - twins Peter and Ethan. Oh, what rejoicing on their arrival! They are just beyond precious. Molly in particular was so taken with "the babies" that we have had to play "Peter and Ethan" with dolls and bears ever since. 

We are anxious to see them again for their baptism this month.

Naturally, outdoor activities are most popular lately. We are blessed with an amazing park system in Louisville, and have enjoyed visiting as many as possible. 


One of our favorites, Cherokee Park, is home to the wonderful Beargrass Creek, perfect for wading and exploring. The kids can watch minnows, gather shells, skip rocks, and whatever fun adventures come to mind. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and what a treat in the middle of the city...


Up the path, water cascades from limestone cliffs. It feels like an alternate world when you're here, a little bit of heaven! We had a gorgeous, breezy day - this was long before the heat wave hit.


Closer to home, bikes, balls and frisbees are favorites. The kids have a neighborhood friend now, so it's easy to get them outside to play. However, they have outgrown the kiddie pool and always want to go somewhere to swim! We have visited some of the "splash parks" in the city park system, but haven't found a pool to frequent, so far.

At the end of June, Brendan turned 9 years old! We had a little celebration at home, with a clown fish cake.

A few days later, Grandma took the kids (and Daddy) to the amazing Holiday World water park for the day. I had the whole day at home to myself... I may have had almost as much fun as the kids! It was the highlight of the summer for them - unfortunately, no pictures were taken. No matter. They still talk about it every day and look forward to visiting again someday (tomorrow, if they had their way!) 

Now we are looking forward to spending more time with family and friends in the coming weeks. We finally traded in our disintegrating van for a nice, reliable vehicle, so it's been a pleasure to get out and around more. After 4 years with no AC in our car, we are positively in heaven as we beat the heat on the road. It's truthfully at the top of my gratitude list right now! We'll be reuniting with our old playgroup this week, celebrating my brother's birthday with my family, and attending the twins' baptism next week. August will bring Molly's birthday and State Fair. Just the current events of a pleasant, busy summer, with lots of everyday life in between. More to come as the weeks unfold...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Star Struck!

Just got a comment from a blogging super-hero in my book! I have been reading Flower Patch Farmgirl for the longest time, and she never, ever fails to uplift and make me laugh, while being deeply inspiring at the same time. I know she will be a famous author one day. She came here and left a comment on my silly little space. Swoon...

Just for that I'm gonna send all my friends over to see her now! Really, go. You won't be sorry!

(photo credit)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I want one of these!

OK, two, if I'm being honest. What could be better than your own little fig tree in the back yard? Sounds like they're hardy, fast-growing and a good source of calcium. Yummy!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Bens

Family secret: We are big fans of Professional Bull Riding and watch it almost every weekend - toughest sport on TV! One of our favorite characters is a toothless, tough guy from Australia named Ben Jones. I thought the resemblance was uncanny:

(We need a cowboy hat.) While our Benjamin came by his gapp-y smile without trauma, he is so pleased to look like his hero, he even built a LEGO figure of Ben Jones. Here's a video of one of Ben's rides and his happy dance afterwards:

Unconventional sport, but we have fun with it and think the riders are amazing athletes. Don't worry, we also enjoy more conventional sports on occasion. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Babies in Heaven

I've had a really hard time finding my voice lately amid the special difficulties we have faced this year. Sharing with the world can be challenging in terms of finding a balance. But in one area I know we are in good company: so many families have little ones waiting in heaven. Our pregnancies have always been welcomed and celebrated, including our most recent, which was entirely too short.

May 5th I found out I was 4 weeks along - complete shock! At 42, I had sort of assumed I was past my time. What a time of praise and joy, as well as nerves and uncertainty!

We only knew for about 10 days before we had to say goodbye... at 6 weeks I miscarried. Having miscarried twins in 2007, I had a little experience going in. It's been important for me to know exactly what is happening and what to look for during miscarriage, and there is plenty of good information online now. Personal accounts helped me the most. I would like to emphasize for anyone who has yet to experience this loss that, if it's important to you, you can often see your tiny baby even as early as 6 weeks. It's simply not true that there is nothing to see. I considered it a grace and a blessing when I was able to find and bury my tiny children that were miscarried. Of course, that decision is very personal and will vary from woman to woman. This time, for my own peace, I photographed the little one I was able to see, so small you wouldn't believe. I probably would doubt myself over time if I didn't have the photos.

I would consider it a privilege to share privately with anyone who is facing miscarriage whatever information would help you to be at peace.

 Flowers my Mom brought me from her garden

From everything I know, it seems possible that I again miscarried twins. I can't say for sure since (like my first miscarriage, at 12 weeks) one baby was more clearly visible. It also seems likely that I recently had a very early miscarriage (also known as "chemical pregnancy"),  unrecognized until later. I can't know the details for certain, but I do believe I will know someday, when I meet those precious souls in the next life. They are treasures to our family and I count on their prayers for us since they live in the very presence of God!

I look forward to one day knowing these little people and finding out who they really are. We have chosen names for them, because it helps them seem more real and present to us. I personally feel best choosing a gender-specific name based on my instincts, rather than an ambiguous name - again, a very personal choice which feels right for us. (We might get a surprise or two on the other side!) Our children here with us know about the babies and love them and feel connected to them as well. With half our family in the next life, the distance between heaven and earth feels not quite so vast.

Statue of Jesus blessing the children, 
that marks our babies' graves
We know that we are not alone in our loss. Miscarriage is not easy to discuss but it is a common sorrow, held deeply in the hearts of families, especially mothers, everywhere. Please keep our family in your prayers as we grieve our loss in the present, try to accept God's will now and in the future, and celebrate the eternal happiness of our children who were here on earth with us so briefly.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Need My Tea!

Well, I fell for Snapshots Around The World when the first post I saw was on the subject of tea! Unfortunately, the only photo I have handy is very plain, but it still makes me happy. This is my everyday stoneware called Grapevine, but I have a small collection of treasured china teapots and teacups as well. Tea things make me happy too.


Not much can make me feel better than a cup of tea, preferably with a scone or biscotti. My go-to flavor is ginger peach, but I like all kinds of tea! It really is a cup of comfort, and one of my favorite things to share with a friend or loved one.

Friday, April 29, 2011


What a treat, right outside our back door! We can always use a reminder that God remembers His promises...

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary today (even though it was on the 27th). I am so thankful for my amazing husband and the years we've had together. Our "anniversary rainbow" gives me hope that God has wonderful plans for us yet. Love you, honey!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wild Weather

We are so sad to hear about the great loss of life from all the tornadoes. It's been wild here but nothing has come too close to us. We had family members only 3 miles from the terrible Birmingham tornado - thankfully they are all fine.

Here in Kentucky the flooding is the big story. Yesterday we went to the riverfront to check it out ourselves. Part of River Road was closed and people were kayaking in the middle of the road. I missed getting pictures of that, but did manage to snap these.

Here you go, kids - the flood of 2011! (pictures from the cell phone, sorry!)

This gives new meaning to the term "Water Park". This is the playground (and water park) where we often play.

Sorry for the grumpy kid shot, but see that observation deck? It's usually at the water's edge.

The river is supposed to crest on Friday - with all the additional rain we've received since these pictures were taken, I am sure it will look much higher.

No actual flooding here at home, but there was a pair of Canada geese swimming in our neighbor's front yard this morning!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Snapshots

Happy Easter, everyone! It's been a busy season here as we prepared to celebrate the feast of Resurrection and new life. Like everyone in the Midwest and other parts of the country, we've been dodging the storms and rain. Fortunately, we are far enough from the river that flooding doesn't impact us here in any significant way. We just have a soggy yard and kids with cabin fever!

The garden sure likes all that rain, though.

We have a new bicycle rider again - this year, it's Benjamin! I love witnessing the sense of pride and confidence the kids acquire with this rite of passage. Many hours (when it's not raining) are spent out in the driveway enjoying that new freedom. This means I am out there every minute, too. When the big boys go out, Molly must go out, so Mama must go out, for safety reasons. I have to keep an eye on Benji anyway - he's a daredevil by nature. Just after he finally got his balance he said "Hey Mom! Guess what? I can ride with my eyes closed!" Gah...

Today we had a peek of sunshine, so we got to try out new sunglasses from the Easter Bunny! It's ridiculously hard to get a picture of all 3 kids looking in the right direction. Apparently my most basic directions ("Put your heads together and show me your sunglasses!" 1...2...3...) weren't enough.

Puddle  jumping! That rain is good for some fun...

Here are a few random pictures from the last few weeks. I'm working with a different camera and some of my shots are a little fuzzy - I need to get the settings figured out one of these days. Anyway... hope everyone is staying safe and having a good Spring!