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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wild Weather

We are so sad to hear about the great loss of life from all the tornadoes. It's been wild here but nothing has come too close to us. We had family members only 3 miles from the terrible Birmingham tornado - thankfully they are all fine.

Here in Kentucky the flooding is the big story. Yesterday we went to the riverfront to check it out ourselves. Part of River Road was closed and people were kayaking in the middle of the road. I missed getting pictures of that, but did manage to snap these.

Here you go, kids - the flood of 2011! (pictures from the cell phone, sorry!)

This gives new meaning to the term "Water Park". This is the playground (and water park) where we often play.

Sorry for the grumpy kid shot, but see that observation deck? It's usually at the water's edge.

The river is supposed to crest on Friday - with all the additional rain we've received since these pictures were taken, I am sure it will look much higher.

No actual flooding here at home, but there was a pair of Canada geese swimming in our neighbor's front yard this morning!

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