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Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Snapshots

Happy Easter, everyone! It's been a busy season here as we prepared to celebrate the feast of Resurrection and new life. Like everyone in the Midwest and other parts of the country, we've been dodging the storms and rain. Fortunately, we are far enough from the river that flooding doesn't impact us here in any significant way. We just have a soggy yard and kids with cabin fever!

The garden sure likes all that rain, though.

We have a new bicycle rider again - this year, it's Benjamin! I love witnessing the sense of pride and confidence the kids acquire with this rite of passage. Many hours (when it's not raining) are spent out in the driveway enjoying that new freedom. This means I am out there every minute, too. When the big boys go out, Molly must go out, so Mama must go out, for safety reasons. I have to keep an eye on Benji anyway - he's a daredevil by nature. Just after he finally got his balance he said "Hey Mom! Guess what? I can ride with my eyes closed!" Gah...

Today we had a peek of sunshine, so we got to try out new sunglasses from the Easter Bunny! It's ridiculously hard to get a picture of all 3 kids looking in the right direction. Apparently my most basic directions ("Put your heads together and show me your sunglasses!" 1...2...3...) weren't enough.

Puddle  jumping! That rain is good for some fun...

Here are a few random pictures from the last few weeks. I'm working with a different camera and some of my shots are a little fuzzy - I need to get the settings figured out one of these days. Anyway... hope everyone is staying safe and having a good Spring!


  1. Your kids are so cute! Happy Easter! - Becky

  2. Christ is risen!

    such sweet kidlets

  3. That shutterbug skill definitely runs in the family! The picture of the white flowers against the blue sky is stunning, and the last one, of Molly in the round opening of the play set, is really awesome, too.