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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


...and by that I mean, above and beyond having a working keyboard again!

I know eight is a pretty mature age for a kid to learn to ride a two-wheeler, but that's what happened with our first-born. He inherited my natural, ahem, "grace", and also loved riding big wheels with his brother, so we didn't start to feel the need to move him up until last year. He finally got the two-wheeler, from his grandparents, for his 8th birthday in June.

Since it's been so hot, we haven't been outside much for practice sessions. Until this weekend. In only a few hours, he mastered the art of balance.

You never saw a prouder kid. He acts like he just grew two feet taller. We couldn't get the smile off his face! And he kept zinging me with funny one-liners as he circled past me in the driveway - words that made me alternately giggle and cringe:

"I think I was made for speed, Mom!"  (aaahhhh....)

"Now I finally understand why some kids never want to come inside." (ha ha ha ha)

"Wow, that was the most fun wreck yet!" (gaaahhh! Obviously we haven't had a bad one yet.)

"Double thumbs up... wink!"    



  1. Awesome job, Brendan!! Glad he is loving the bike!!