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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At Grandma's

In the waning days of summer (which really just ended here) we finally got to take a few day trips to my parents' house, out in the country about an hour's drive from here.

Everything there is fascinating. Dad is a "collector" and Mom decorates everything with charm and whimsy. There's always something new to look at. Surrounded by woods, the cleared land around the house feels like a park. The kids like exploring, inside and out, and when we leave late at night, the sky is glittering with stars we can't even see in the city. Grandma let them run in the sprinkler, play in buckets of water, dig up the garden, wheel around her garden cart and "mop" the deck. One brave big kid went bushwhacking in the woods with Grandpa. (The other one was afraid of ticks.) What great memories for our kids to grow up with!

Here is the deck outside the back door porch.

Mom's front porch:

This is the "see saw" we had as kids, which my parents have hauled from house to house, saving for the grandkids. My dad got it from a friend who made it from automotive parts, more than 35 years ago. Not just up and down - this one goes in circles too! It was painted gray when I was little. It's impossible to get the kids off this thing!! I can just see my dad light up with happiness when he sees our little ones enjoying it as much as we once did.

Benjamin is cautiously trying out this trapeze that I think my brothers put up in the tree quite a few years ago! (We tested it first, of course.)

Grandma bought us our Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins. Heavy!!

Inside, the kids always want to use the juicer. One time we made fresh apple juice, but most of the time we help Grandpa make romaine lettuce juice, which he drinks daily as part of his cancer-busting regimen. This is another "toy" the kids can't get enough of!

Grandpa has lots of gadgets that Benjamin, especially, is fascinated by. Here he shows the kids how to use a volt meter to test an electrical connection. Last visit, he gave the boys a lesson on using a soldering iron. I can't tell who enjoys it more - I'm so glad they have a chance to learn from him.

I don't know how I managed not to take any pictures of my mom, but I did manage to capture her fabulous roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner. She spoils us to death, and I swear she tries to send me home with everything she owns! She takes such good care of everyone.

We're due to go back for a "raking day"about now. I bet they are knee-deep in leaves this week, with all those trees. Whenever we visit, it's a treat spending time in such beautiful surroundings with these very special people. We're so thankful to have both of them, and for all they do for us.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! See you next time!


  1. Aw, what an awesome post!!! The picture of the kids helping Dad juice the lettuce leaves made me laugh out loud.

    I think you should print out all your blog posts in color and put them in a book for Mom and Dad, since they will probably never see them.


  2. Oh, and hey, those salads look to die for!


  3. Great idea about printing the posts for Mom & Dad! The salads are a recreation of the Meijers salad we fell in love with :) Very extremely yummy. It's the one I wrote about in this post: