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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joy In The Morning

This week, I'm joining Elizabeth and her readers in taking Small Steps toward joy! It's the virtue of the month in her latest book, Small Steps For Catholic Moms. It's on my wish list still, but I am along for the ride in trying to focus on the joy to be found in today.

Oh, it's so easy during these long, dark winter days to lose our peace, our patience and our joy! A disagreement with a friend or spouse, an online debate, financial struggles or health issues, all can take their tolls. Negative talk takes over our brains, and sometimes our lips. It takes some intentional effort to change the direction of our thoughts. Sometimes, joy doesn't happen on its own.

The trouble is the effect that those of us who are mothers at home have on the little (and big) ones in our care when we lose that joy. No denying it - I see clearly that it's my job to set the tone for the day here, regardless of the personal challenges that may make it difficult. I do want my family to remember our days at home being cheerful and joy-filled, and some days it's pretty clear those aren't the memories we're making.

So, sticky note on the screen: Today, I will choose JOY. Those other thoughts of fear, worry, impatience and discontent: in His hands for today. Choosing joy at the beginning of the day might help start some momentum in the right direction! Stealing some thoughts I read from the other joy-seekers on Elizabeth's page, mixed with some plans of my own, here are some other small steps I will take to harbor joy:

~ I will greet my children cheerfully when I first see them in the morning
~ I will put on joyful music as the soundtrack to our day
~ I will make an effort to respond with joyful patience to small requests
~ I will set times through the day to turn to God and ask for His help
~ I will conduct "smile checks" during the day to make sure my face is on board with the program!

Anyone want to come along for the ride?

Here's a small joy from this day, which found me under the weather. I'm sure I don't have to tell you all, it's no small thing to have this privilege:


  1. Lynn, popping over to say hi and thanks for the advice with my camera! Love your joy steps. I might be trying a few out for myself!

  2. I love those steps, Lynn- especially the smile-checks "to make sure my face is on board with the program." I'm so going to do that, too! Often times I have a scowl on my face when I'm not even upset. Why is that? How can my children feel my joy if I'm not radiating it?

    And I love the note on your fridge. Precious.

  3. Great list. It is hard sometimes knowing we set the tone, but what a blessing too.

  4. What an awesome picture! How sweet!