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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nature-based learning resource

As usual, I can't remember how I originally found this blog. It's chock-full of fun, inventive things to do outdoors (and indoors) with young kids. Although it's meant to be about pre-schoolers, I find it utterly fascinating and thought-provoking even in reference to much older kiddos. I think we all love creative ideas for kids' activities. Even better, when it's laid out in such a lovely, visually-appealing way!

PS: Check out the blog list in her sidebar for more great resources!

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  1. Lynn,

    Thanks for the great resource. I have a big notebook where I keep track of these, so I'm adding this to the list. I especially like her idea of the see-through garden. I was thinking of buying a version of this from a science catalog, but if they works just a well for free, this idea seems much better!