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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Commonplace Collection: Giving

Do you have a Commonplace Book? A place to write bits and pieces of what you've read and would like to remember? I have long recorded snippets of fiction and non-fiction alike, but I have only recently realized that historically speaking, such journals are called Commonplace Books. For centuries these personal collections have played a significant role in the way scholars read, learn, and remember. They paint a beautiful picture of an individual's growth over time- of his or her personal journey... I'd like to share a bit from my own Commonplace Book - might you allow me a peek into yours? (From Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things)

Here is a quote that has resonated strongly with me these last months in my efforts to make sense out of the ups and downs of life. I like to think of it in a spiritual context.

"I would like to believe when I die that I have given myself away like a tree that sows seeds every spring and never counts the loss, because it is not loss, it is adding to future life. It's the tree's way of being. Strongly rooted perhaps, but spilling out its treasure on the wind." Mary Sarton


  1. Oh my goodness- that's a beautiful quote, Lynn. I'm copying it down for my own Book. :)

  2. I have a commonplace book on my computer at work. I've been adding things for many years. I am now working on arranging it in chapters by theme, mostly out of my own curiosity to see a pattern of what sorts of themes interest me most. I had never thought of how it can show a person's growth over time, but that is really true--an interesting insight. Anyway, when I get it done I will give you a copy! I want to be able to make it nice and give it to people.