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Monday, September 13, 2010

End of Summer

The scorching weather finally broke, and we have been outside at every opportunity! Weekends packed with fun outings and weeknights weary from slanting sunlight and fresh air add up to very little blogging lately. I know it's been too slow when my husband demands some new reading from me! Sorry, honey... and everyone else.

Here's a peek at what the last few weeks have brought.

A summer rainstorm creates irresistible puddles for jumping in:

Benjamin gets a new bike as an early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa! By November, it will be nearly winter, so they decided to let him enjoy it for the fall months. Molly also got a snazzy trike. Everyone is riding in fine style this year.

Molly has a new friend: Build-A-Bear pal "Rosie" arrived from Aunt Donna in California. All girly and a perfect buddy for a new 2-year-old.

In early September we went down to the riverfront for WorldFest - a cultural extravaganza celebrating every corner of the globe! We saw these flamenco dancers, as well as African dancers, a drum corp, and a Latin band.

The food was amazing - we could have eaten all day long - but we "only" sampled Cuban, Jamaican, and Italian. We also visited booths selling handicrafts from everywhere in the world. What a treat to see the beautiful creations of so many diverse peoples! We are going to have to save money for next year and arrive earlier in the day to do it justice.

Being right on the riverfront on one of the most gorgeous days of the year was spectacular. The incredible views woke up my inner photographer! Wish I could have taken lots more shots, but juggling kids and camera was a little distracting.

We paid a visit to "George Rogers Clark" (of Lewis and Clark fame) and then loaded some tired kiddos back in the van to return to our American way of life. Fun, fun.

Wow, I'm tired just remembering that day!

Back at home we are working back into a Fall routine with relaxed studies, group activities and lots of outdoor time. Our learning space has been overhauled, although I am still tweaking in there... post to come on that, one of these days. Fall makes me want to clean, organize and decorate, although a lot more happens in my head than in real life, truthfully. The kids dragged out all of my autumn decor while I was on the phone one day, so I had to immediately put it all up. I guess having impatient kids is a good antidote to my natural inclination to procrastinate. At least we can enjoy it for a full 3 months this way!

No one is happier to see the end of summer than I am. I love the sights, smells and activities that come with harvest time, the crisp, energizing weather, and the anticipation building up to the holiday season. Happy Fall, ya'll!!

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  1. That festival sounds awesome! I love fall too :)