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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Note To Self...

...always shop at the dollar store before heading to the Teacher Supply Superstore!

Our learning room is stylin' with these Fall leaf garlands.

Wall posters: Telling Time and US Map.

Cool math facts slide-y things to play with:

and a geography facts "Spin & Learn" with each state's capital, flower and bird.

For fun, some autumn window clings and a package of 14 harvest border pieces (about 20 feet).

I even got myself some giant calendars to fill in.

All from the Dollar Tree, where everything really IS a dollar! I was really thankful, only to top that deal the next day by ending up at a yard sale as they were cleaning up (occasionally, it pays to sleep late!) They GAVE us everything we wanted from the kids' toys and games that were left, so I scored several math games and learning activities from Discovery Toys, for free. Someone was looking out for me! I have bigger dreams for our learning materials than my budget allows for, so it feels like a blessing straight from God when I have a weekend this good. And of course, it strokes my inner cheapskate at the same time.

I'll have a picture of the whole space next time. We are having a lot of fun pulling it all together.


  1. Isn't the dollar store great?! You've inspired me to swing by there soon. Congratulations on the great finds. It's so frustrating when you see so many wonderful educational resources at the store, but your budget prevents you from buying them. I feel that way all the time! Looking forward to seeing full pictures of your learning room...

  2. The calendar we gave the kids a few years ago for Christmas would be perfect in this room too. Hope it's getting some use!! My sister's kids love theirs!!

  3. Gotta love the dollar store! Glad you were blessed with some good stuff.

  4. K! We actually have that calendar hanging by the computer. That way we see and use it daily, whereas there are lots of times we're not really in the learning room (besides, it looks better on the orange wall than the pink wall ;P)I am going to post a picture of it sometime, very cool and yes, we do use it a lot.