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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning Space

Nothing like a perfectionist to have to rearrange the whole house in order to get one room in shape! I had to make room for the toys that were cluttering this space, so I pulled all of my Christmas stuff out of the closet, moved that upstairs, moved the toys into the closet, cleaned out some cabinets to make room for the craft stuff that was also in the closet, moved my photo boxes to another room... you get the idea... Humorously, after all that, the only logistical change I really made from last year was to rotate the table 90 degrees so that we have more linear space to work at.

This is essentially our 3rd bedroom. It's the front room of the house so I think it would make an awkward bedroom anyway, what with the front door in there and all. (The door is not ever used as an entrance.) Unfortunately the room is painted pink - why, I just can't figure out - and we can't change it. At least it is light and bright and has plenty of natural light pouring in! Very important to me.

I always have the window blinds open during the day, but the door has to stay shut or "people" would get out! Here is the opposite view, with me standing in the doorway looking in toward the interior hall.

My cabinets are next to the stairs (to the right of the bookshelf above) which go up to a little room that we use only for storage, since it is not climate controlled. Frankly, this room isn't well climate-controlled in winter, either. We didn't even use it in January and February last year, so I hope we can come up with a working solution this year. Back to the cabinets: some school supplies are in there, but also my crafting supplies and all of my home decor stuff as well. I'm thankful for the doors; it's not so pretty inside!

I added some seasonal border to the shelves just for fun.

My file corner with activities to keep Molly out of trouble. Yeah, right.

New this year - a little white board for all kinds of fun things, but especially for illustrating things I want to show both older kids at once.

Supply boxes for the boys:

My beloved apple bucket that I found with no tag on it at WalMart. The manager asked me what I wanted to pay for it so I said "a dollar!" Are we noticing a pattern here??

Our most diligent scholars enjoying some table time:

Or windowsill time, I suppose.

Let's be honest with each other though. You all know this is what it really looks like when not staged for the photo shoot. Right?

I thought you would understand.

On my wish list: A globe, a history timeline, and some comfy cushions or beanbag chairs to make a reading corner by the window.

Now you know where we are hanging out most afternoons. Thanks for visiting our learning corner!!


  1. This looks really, really nice! I know what you mean, shuffle the stuff around, take a picture, shuffle some more stuff, take a picture, repeat :) Looks like you're going to have a great year.

  2. Hey! I was just in your house and I didn't see this room! I missed it! Great pictures. The last one made me laugh out loud.


  3. Wow, great space! I'm so jealous! We have no extra room in our house whatsoever. We are stuck doing school in our living room (also our playroom). It's gets a little chaotic with everyone in there, but we make it work.

    I can't believe you have a bedroom in the front of your house! That's a new one for me. I have yet to see a house like that, and we've been house hunting for 5 full years!!!!