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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cozy at Home Daybook

I am hearing... the hum of the air conditioner... probably something we'll hear a lot for the next few months!
Outside my window... the sun has come up after an early morning rain storm. Everything is green and exploding with growth.
Around the house...I finally cleaned up the school room which had become a catch-all room for the last few months. We needed some table space to work on projects. This is one of the cooler rooms in the house during summer, so we like to retreat in there during the afternoons.

In the yard... We've planted lots of annuals around the yard. They are thriving with the occasional rain we are getting. Molly loves to help me water them on dry days.

From the kitchen... We're still eating the amazing German potato salad that Jeff made for our Memorial Day picnic. It's one of our favorites and makes a huge recipe! BLTs are on the menu often as we received a big box of bacon recently - nice timing!

Cultivating beauty... This is a hard subject for me because I don't spend much time consciously cultivating beauty inside the house. I think about it a lot, but battling back the clutter keeps me in survival mode more than on the offensive. One thing I want to do more of is light candles for no particular reason. As much as I love candles, it still feels like a company thing to me. I have a huge stash, so no excuses.

Living the liturgy... We are still saying our nightly Rosary decade. The feasts of the Sacred Heart (June 11) and the Immaculate Heart (June 12) are almost upon us! We are in intense First Communion prep, so we will work the feasts in with that. Corpus Christi on Sunday will be a beautiful day to prepare as well.

Learning notes... We are working on the First Communion book and otherwise spending time outside. Insects are everywhere and we enjoy identifying them and observing their habits. Stinging bugs are not enjoyed, however. I am getting tired of the high-pitched screaming whenever certain kids see one... and no one has even been stung! Yet...

The kids this week...have been digging in the dirt. They are "planting" all the maple seedlings that have sprouted from the abundance of "whirlybird" seeds we had in the spring. They also want to water the flowers all the time, which I am more than happy to allow, especially as it gets hotter and humid-er. I am about to retreat indoors for the remainder of the summer (I am made of sugar, you know, and I do melt!) The wading pool is out, so great fun for those who want to cool off that way!

Last weekend... Sunday we had a fabulous cookout at McNeely Lake Park with two dear families whose friendship we are blessed to share. Eleven kids, 6 parents, burgers, dogs, pork chops and all kinds of good food, swings, a hike with the dads... what could be better? I asked St. Anthony to help us get a picnic shelter, and he cleared the park - there was almost no one there! I got my pick of shelters! Good thing since a brief shower came through. It sure was hot. Then Monday we were able to relax with family at my in-laws'. It was a blessing for Jeff to be off for the holiday, since he has been working 7 days for a few months now.

Some plans for the week... I still have many errands to run. I am working on planning for my parents' big anniversary celebration at the end of the month, which is also the First Communion day. Thankfully, we got the catering tied up last night. This weekend I'll be attending the homeschool conference in Radcliff, near Louisville, and I'm honored to be on the question and answer panel. Hope I have something useful to say! After that, back to the planning and prepping. So many clothes to procure. Confessions to plan. Etc., etc.

On my heart... my sister-in-law as she returns to work after losing the baby. We are waiting to hear when they might have a small service for this little one, most likely in the next few weeks.

I am thankful for... Online shopping! I have found almost all of our party clothes, not to mention many items for the anniversary, this way. Oh, the convenience! Until something doesn't fit...

A picture to share...  a peek at our patio. When I get the camera fired up, I'll update with the flowers and other improvements we've made. It's a nice, flat patio and yard, which I love, considering the wobbly steps of little kids! Hope you are all having a good week.

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  1. I hear ya on the school room being a catch all and the constant taming of the clutter! One of my summer projects is to revamp the school room.