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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Aka: Lightning bugs!

Have you had a jar full somewhere in your house recently?

Here is a wonderful link for firefly study ideas and projects. What a great summer science adventure! I am so excited to do some of these with the kids.

This morning, Brendan said to me: "Fireflies eat flowers, pollen and other bugs." (He then showed me the petunia he had pilfered from my one of my tiny struggling seedlings, to feed to his bugs...)

At first it didn't register, but after a minute, I asked him how he learned this.

"I searched it online," he said.

Now that makes me feel happy! And sort of dispensable...

Photo Credit: Firefly
on Flickr, Creative Commons


  1. Great shot of the fireflies! Thanks for the link to the study ideas!!

  2. Thanks Mary! Notice my little photo credit at the bottom of the post - it IS a great shot, by someone else :) I haven't tried capturing fireflies on camera myself, yet.