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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tree Huggers

These are some of my favorite pictures ever, and I just wanted them all in one place. Even if they are a couple of months old...




This is our little Bradford pear tree and it really doesn't have enough room for a big kid, but they beg to sit up there all the same. Benjamin in particular can sit in the tree for an hour - although it sure doesn't look very comfortable! .Doesn't he look like a little marsupial?

For the record, they don't climb up there by themselves... yet.... Also for the record, I loved climbing trees when I was a kid, too. I guess all kids do!

I do love this tree, from my safe place on the ground!


  1. My kids love climbing trees, too. They're only four, but my son, I think, is part monkey. Although he loves crawling across the top of monkey bars instead of swinging across them!

  2. Isn't it funny how some of them are born climbers? Benjamin is forever perched on the highest point he can get to, and very secure there.

  3. Your tree-huggers are adorable! Unfortunately, my kids didn't grow up to be tree-climbers because we live in a relatively new development where the trees are still young. I feel like they've been deprived of such a basic part of childhood. =( Wish we had those big, old trees in our neighborhood -- they're beautiful!

  4. Shelley, I love big trees and feel blessed to have them in our area! New subdivisions always look so barren and exposed to me with their little seedlings. At least the little pear tree in our yard is small enough for them to get their arms around :) Those big ones are BIG!