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Monday, June 21, 2010

I Blew It!

I really did. I was trying to make things easier for myself by going out after dark to put gas in one of the cars, so I wouldn't have to drag 3 kids to the gas station in the summer heat tomorrow... and I ran over a curb and blew a tire. Tore up a tire. Apparently, not a cheap tire, either. I just made my upcoming week very difficult on so many levels, I can't even explain. If there was ever a bad time to do something like this, it was today.

I had to call my husband, who had to load up the kids and rescue me. By the time he got the spare on, he was wringing wet, even at 1:00 AM in the dark, it was so hot. I wanted to laugh so I wouldn't cry. But it was too important and my poor husband was... distressed... so laughing wouldn't have been a good idea. He had even offered to go fill up the car for me, but I wanted those few minutes to myself. I'd like to give them back now, please. I feel like such a girl.

I am sure it will work out in the long run. But in the short run, I am going to miss something that was very important to me in the morning, and that can't be fixed. God apparently has some plans to help me work on my humility, resignation and trust. I'm trying not to pout. But right now I am really seeing the "ruined" side of the tapestry of life. It's so easy to lose peace when things don't fall into place. I want my explanation (other than the fact that I was unusually careless, or blind, or both...). I want to know why these things happen when they do. It seems my patience is in need of some tweaking, too. I could write a whole post on just that one.


On the bright side, the kids had a ball watching Daddy change the tire in the middle of the night!!


  1. I can't tell you how many tires Matt has blown that way. He's getting better now, but he blew one every year or two back when we were first married.

  2. Oh, that actually makes me feel a little bit better, LOL. Thanks, Kelly!

  3. Ugh, so sorry that happened!!

  4. Oh no! How terrible! I hope the rest of your week goes a little more smoothly. I wish so much that we could come for the weekend celebration, but it's just so hard to travel with the kids.

    I'm really going to miss those cookies! Maybe I can convince my mom to bring some home for me! (I have to admit that the last time your mom came to visit, I actually hid the jar of cookies she brought for us so that I could have them all to myself. They were soooo good!)